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My version of “Once upon a time” is “So I met a guy in a bar. . .”  After getting divorced and moving back East from Los Angeles with only my feather boa, laptop computer and Bichon Frise in tow, I began a second act which has led me on an amazing adventure.  My fairy godfather appeared at a local bar and gave me the opportunity to write a relationship column in the East Hampton Independent called Kiss & Tell.

Five years later my career as a writer allows me not only to study the human condition and entrance to the VIP tent at polo, it is the only job where eavesdropping is a pre-requisite and my copy of the Kama Sutra is actually tax deductible.  Both the thrill and promise of redemption propel me to live life in an open confessional as my take on life and love has expanded to magazines, online publications, a podcast and a TV show.

Uncover the best of my writing, as well as the latest relationship columns and articles and pick up a few tips on the best of the hamptons.  One of the greatest joys of a writer is to hear other people's stories.  Drop me an email or jump in on the blog and share your feelings on this thing called love.

If I show you mine...

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