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When I was designing my rose tattoo I told the artist that the thorns were the most important part.  Humor and pain often hold hands under the table, and I believe, as theatre shop owners do, that the tragedy and comedy masks should only be sold as a set.

My experience spans both coasts from Hollywood wife to single sex columnist with all the heartbreak and hilarity along the way.  I have exes who have exalted me into princess status, remembering me as more reasonable, thinner, and a better cook than I really am.  Others are still trying to figure out how the retractable horns worked.

Now I live in the historic whaling village of Sag Harbor in a Victorian house where I grow roses which have often been described as I have — high maintenance but unsurpassed when given the proper care in their repeat blooms.

Here, in this fancy little beach front community on the East End of Long Island called the Hamptons, my insider knowledge infuses many of my articles on hot topics from high-end real estate deals to super spas to the bold and beautiful of the social scene. Find my picks for the best of the Hamptons in Heather Recommends.

Expose more of my world by reading Heather Writes, and I'll look forward to hearing your experiences via private email or comments on the blog.


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“On the sliding
scale of
commitment, most
of us fall
somewhere in
between the
condom in your
pocket and the

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