Heather Buchanan
Here is a sampling of the best of Heather Buchanan's writing as well
as her most recent columns and articles.
Kiss and Tell

Kiss & Tell
The award winning humor relationship column in The Independent distributed on the East End of Long Island.

Kiss and Tell Podcast

Kiss & Tell – the podcast
The audio version of the column read by Heather as well as the added bonus of original content.  However, if you find the Kiss & Tell which is the Midwestern housewife talking about three-ways, that one isn’t mine.


Pillow Talk
Find relationship advice and how to meet the right guy or gal for you as well as insight into the best of the Hamptons from the social to the cultural to the adventure scene.

Hamptons Cottages and Gardens

Deeds & Don’ts
The most coveted real estate in the world is located in the Hamptons where fishermen, financiers, and film stars rub elbows.  Catch the latest in the super hot real estate game.

Hampton Sports

Hampton Sports
Who says you don't literally sweat for love?  Welcome to the workout.

Best Life

Best Life
There's nothing like making the cover of a national men's magazine and being labeled sexy because you're smart and can answer the question even Freud couldn't, “What do women want?"

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"I know it's shallow
but I'm often
attracted to either
religions or sports
because of their

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